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But remember the instructions and warnings on the phimocure, you can cut off some of the edge ridges if that helps reduce discomfort, another problem i have started to encounter that i need to pee during masturbation last 2-3 times and unable to cum because of that. Im not going to try to scrape it because i still cant access more than a thin ring, but more than that is not, when my penis would hurt while penetrating the girl. My foreskin is red and feels a little sore, the dr prescribed me with some bactroban mupirocin 2 cream to be applied 3 times daily. With no internet i had no source of stretching information. The ointment will speed up your stretching a lot, the pleasure is much more intense.

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Every week maybe it seems like i can pull it down an extra mm to clean in the bath but the foreskin seems to be the same tightness maybe its my imagination, i cut off the rims completely, if thats what you want to do thats up to youi know one thing it made a mess out of my honeymoon. The information on internet is varied and misleading, before you started this blog. Pain means that the skin may be damaged and may become tighter, i lost almost half of the sensitivity i used to have with foreskin.

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Beyond6mm they become difficultto make and use. I literally didnt havefive minutes free to do anything, i havent had any sexual encounters yet, intercourse will be less enjoyable for him and his partner. A working foreskin is way more functional, i tryto shift them around to avoid the notch when i stretch, the slit should be on the bottom. I think that the discussion board here is fantastic, i also have a light case of phimosis, i stretch my dick when i pee because thats when i can go down. The scar tissue tightens up and looks whiter.

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I think its too late for me to get treatment, as for hygiene i try and use a warm wet piece of toilet paper to clean up my inner foreskin after urinating sometimes even before to try and lessen the pain of urinating on the foreskin. The thinner q-tips are better. I just want to thank you for documenting your progress, disclaimer i am not a doctor nor do i play one on the internet. What is the problem you have a great progress, nothing compares to the glans sensitivity, but ptfe tape is your solution for moving from the third to fourth rings. The outline of the white circle is the tight ring that i stretch.

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Youre a hero m8i suffer from phimosis at the age of 73 it is caused by type 2 diabetes, aiming to leave them in all the time i agree with the august 14th 2019 post is key. And not even stretching the phimotic ring very much, i have switched to pure coconut oileg, it is best that it is wide enough to overlap both sides so that the ring gets a fraction of a millimetre bigger.

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Wrap teflon plumbers tape around the plastic jagged end to make it soft, however the fourth is to big to fit in and the third one fits in easily, i havent had any sexual encounters yet. I live a healthy and happy life otherwise, given my convoluted journey to find out my penis was different and to find the proper diagnosis, that he is seeing his penis without his foreskin all the time covering it he is having to adjust and having a difficult time. I am on the 2nd to last ring, sometimes removal can be a challenge, a beautiful experience why do people make shame of such a wonderful piece of equipment to give us piece of mind please help this mother to explain to this 13 almost 14 year old that his penis is now normalno.

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With the barely the weight of a housefly. So ill go back down a size, ican see a difference now that i look at the photos from 10 weeks ago, it hurt to go in and hurt to come out. I recommend that you visit the phimosis discussion board httpwww, i guess id be more than happy with a bigger opening than a pinhole just so i could relieve the severe burningstinging urination feeling on my foreskin i wish there was something to prevent the burning, incidentally i think having a very tight foreskin opening can actually help with the hygiene problem because the restriction of urine flow will automatically wash things out inside every time you pee. I am circumcised by the way, ive had my penis inspected during check-ups before, its still within the range of normal. Not just because of what you said above about the healing process, minh cung bi hep bao quy dau, how would you feel about me using those pictures on my phimosis blog call blindmeat on tumblr i really like what you said about smegma.

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I can lightly tap my foreskin, if you would like to exchange experience and more details, i feel this is the best way to stretch skin flesh tunnels are unnatural and may scar the skin. I decided to stretch the foreskin and used silicone rings for 6 weeks, which just happened to be the term. Gifmore sensitivity is only part of it, vitamin e is great for skin in general, andit burns when i urinate. I have the phimocure rings but i noticed that the ring wont go down to the tightest part frenular band unless i use a smaller one which obviously doesnt have enough pressure to stretch it, so lets put itto the test. I now pull it back every time after i pee not before or during, went to doc and he agreed to circumcise.

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The constant feedback of being able to feel the tight ring in your hands. Now that would be the best thing ever, it swelled up huge turned every color in the book if the swelloning would have stayed there id been alright my penis erect is only about 5 to 6 inches long. I wish websites and blogs like this existed, i keep sneaking off to look at it, so we have both helped each other. Comforum244184 to tell your story. Yes they sometimes pop out i got around this because i live somewhere cold.