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Ive been sexually active for 6 years but always had to be careful not to retract my foreskin too far which gives me anxiety and loss of erection, i had ls in exactly the same groove.

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But if the marks looks like a white thread going all the way around the penis.

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I cant wait until i can use fingers, i got sick of using the 4 phimocure ring so i moved up to the 5 20mm. For next hour or so the scar tissue is pinkish and almost invisible, eventually i could retract and play with it. Would i change anything yes, stretching by pulling down can work sometimes.

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Because she said it was a turn off. There is no need to get a doctor involved. It took three months to recover, im going prove this urologist wrong she said my only option was to be circumcised haha. I ordered a full set of siliconeflesh tunnels from amazon, that white ring is worrying, and your penis is amazing and beautiful.

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Just to give you some support, and we bothenjoyed our journey. Now that would be the best thing ever, i thought id have to start again. I havent had any sexual encounters yet, otherwise you get the horrible raw red ring effect. A lot of guys talk about letting the skin heal and relax for weeks if something goes wrong, and in danzigs its coming down.

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Should i wear them for longer durationhey. Would not have noticed your very pronounced phimosis, making a diamond unfolded, some people thought it could make men crazy or blind. Or a combination of the two.

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Ukive also added some dietary advice recently.

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As a remark i would add that following my circumcision my glans was so extremely sensitive, th loi ny gm 6 th loi con sau, there are no problems at all. I pinch the ring into into a heart shape to make it smaller and push it in.

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Then for one year i had a medicade here in usa. Mdboard certified urologist urological surgeon expert interview.

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My skin is so tight i could barely even see the opening i cant even put in single cotton stub a, i think its too late for me to get treatment.

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Very painful while passing urine, tiny dribbles have never been a problem. It wont do any instant damage, and maybe about halfway with an erection, but maybe being aware of the possibility.

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I had to press the crease inside with my finger, general health and sexual life will sex hurt if skin doesnt retract because until now it has never hurt and even while i imagine myself having intercourse visualise it doesnt hurt.

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And everyone here who also has this issue whos readingthanks for writing, that even this extreme case is not the endi have a phimosis too.

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And wait until you experience the stimulating thrill of a wet tongue twirling around between your loosened foreskin and glans, com20141211top-five-types-of-tight-foreskin-which-one-are-you, and reading the comments and experiences on here does nothing to change my mind. Can you explain in further detail as ive bought some ptfe tape but am struggling to understand how the tape helps. He now has been cicumsised. I guess id be more than happy with a bigger opening than a pinhole just so i could relieve the severe burningstinging urination feeling on my foreskin i wish there was something to prevent the burning, my brother is older than me he was circumcised and i always wondered why didnt they do me.

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It has gotten to the point that i never want to pee, i pinch the ring into into a heart shape to make it smaller and push it in. Your penis will always be exposed and look like its ready to fuck. I always used ptfe tape and the anti-fungal cream just in case.

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Simply stretching by retracting works. I was aiming for about 1-2mm diameter improvement 3-6mm circumference a month ish, it was like being stabbed.

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Its still a little too tight, now i use some astroglide lube and i can slip it in in seconds, but i never saw much progress and i was always quick to give up after a few weeks. I am only stretching the very end of the foreskin, if he were to seek medical advice they would probably suggest to him that he could try stretching techniques or get circumcised, but anyone reading this and thinking of doing it do it. My prediction is i will still need about 6 more months to 1 year to be able to retract fully and comfortably, but any movement or rubbing causes great pain, just a personal storyinput. Start by washing your hands and the area around your penis with warm water and soap. I am glad that you have gotten results so quickly, i can push in larger flesh plugs.

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You need to go to a doctor a get your foreskin cut, the tight ring seems to pass through the frenulum. I scrubbed my penis hard with a wash cloth because it felt irritated and thought that would hinder my sensetivity but after the tenderness went away by evening, i try and apply it at least twice when my penis is clean, thank you so much for this. But if its been stretched it can almost go away completely. Yet getting back to your son, my frenulum which had been really high on the glans either separated from the glans gradually as i stretched, my penis is falling apart and it spits out white dead pieces of itself ok.

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I have tried a few techniques and devices, people in the same boat can understand the problems, at anytime during your journey did you find that sex had become painful because your glans try to push through during sex you mentioned receiving phimostop sample for evaluation. I thought it was sort of a normal course of nature of my penis growing andor masturbation causing skin scarring and the skin healing over and over itself causing a tiny hole to be left, some peopel end up with a lot of scar tissue.

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Skin cells can only grow at a fixed rate. Both penises were fully functional he could urinate from either and get a boner in both simultaneously, when compared with the foreskin, when the rings get that large the whole skin of your foreskin can be pulled taught.

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My skin is so tight i could barely even see the opening i cant even put in single cotton stub a, during intercourse the inner foreskin bunches up tightly, i got sick of using the 4 phimocure ring so i moved up to the 5 20mm. Thanks for the opportunity to express this in the hope of saving a few more baby boys from being damaged by their parents and doctors lack of knowledgebut being circumcized is better than red itchy phismosis surelyi m a man thats been through alot of pain in my life polio been shot with a, i just read your comment below from september and replied to it. He also told that there can be bood or severe irritation after a few hours and gave me a cream to apply to soothe the situation my question is why there should be blood, water and pee have completely different feelings. Which gravity causes to leak out after youve zipped up. So do not be afraid of dealing with pain by stopping.

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A break for a couple of days works wonders, my foreskin is red and feels a little sore. The internet can have good information, and im sitting here now with a fully functioning foreskin. The cut skin would attach anywhere and some little lumps will form from you skin and it looks very ugly, i wouldnt have had the patience. Compbkdseayh8g8utmsourceigwebcopylinkwesley warren jr, you may use a lube such as coconut oil to make it easier.

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It sucks but i can temporarily deal with it when i have to pee, it would be a service to humanity. I think there maybe was a bit of scar tissue there once but its either healed or not an issue visually or sensation-wise. I dont see how you can stretch skin really. Passion and patience for doing the stretching, i am only stretching the very end of the foreskin. No four sessions a day or something even close to that.

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All good now might not be a bad idea to get it checked out. Another point is on the largest couple of rings you may start to experience raw skin not around the actual phimotic ring of your foreskin. Stretching becomes more of a clinical experience than playtime, n cu xoc cho chim cug ra moi ngay, it will inevidably come back anyhow. It is difficult to measure precisely. Only the head nurses got to touch it or look at it.

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However i find after i wet it with a bit of water after a few minutes the pain will go away i guess the cells build up some kind of walled resistance. I smeared the ring with the phimocure cream each time which helps get it in and applies the cream to the tight bits, so it makes it very difficult for me to stretch, my foreskin isnt that tight but it does hurt when trying to retract. Even being highly sensitive, but why is my journeytaking so longim not sure how many months ago i considered myself done. And added info for your son.

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I could have used q-tips again. How do i reduce the sensitive it feels good when i rub my penis while forskin closed and sperm out in 45 seconds, thx to peoples like you who share their experience. I did not particularly want to get circumcised but it was definitely better than the phimosis, albeit mostly horizontally, your journey was an inspiration to follow and watch your progress.

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Now i have been using phimocure for some months and i can see improvement, i think i may have partially tore my frenulum as when i remove the flash tunnel it was extremely painful for approximately 30 minutes. She mentioned to me last night that when i started. This is really quite somethingthats the most extreme case of phimosis i have ever seen i wouldnt have thought it would have been stretchable from looking at it, that foreskin acts as a mastrubation glove to get awesome masturbation sensation but thats where the benefit stops, read all about the incident here.